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Enter the mind of the Ineffable Kumquat...

Taking over the world, one cup of coffee at a time.

Catiana Albatou
16 August
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Hmmmmm... me.

Well, I am a slightly deranged pyromaniac Goth who spends the majority of her life in an anime netherworld of her mind, populated mostly by angsty yaoi bishounen.

I have a somewhat worrying collection of muses, who spend their time arguing over whether I should write het fantasy romance, or dark angsty NCS yaoi. Suffice to say, the yaoi muses tend to win.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:catiana_albatou
Your haiku: i haven't sorted
out yet miguel and
guimel the slash and yaoi muses
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d'ni is love
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Dilandau is Deranged Pyro Love
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Dragonslayers are Love Fawning Adoration.

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Saavedro is Tormented Love.

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Ren Tao is Love.

Marysues feare teh pwoerluf SPORK!!11!1!!1!1.

Gendo Ikari and Kouzou Fuyutsuki. Yaoi: it's not just for bishies.
Made by catiana_albatou.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is love


Trunks is Love.

Fullmetal Alchemist = love.

The Seven Sins are sinful love
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Full Metal Alchemist is Random Moments Love

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Super Saiyans are badass love

The sign knows that I'm a pyromaniac... *scared*


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Icons that I've made but can't use because I'm too cheap to get a paid account (feel free to steal and credit if you want):

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In case anyone cares about the lunatics who periodically take over my mind, here they are:
  • Kah'teh, Patron Muse of Light- tries to make me write romance, fantasy, fluff, nice things, stories where everyone lives hapily ever after, and crap like that.
  • Dilandau, Patron Muse of Darkness- tries to make me write about explosions, battles, people getting killed, explosions, burning things, explosions... and pursues me with a flamethrower when I don't want to.
  • Miguel and Guimel, Patron Muses of Yaoi and Slash- try to make me writ endless yaoi fics, and never shut up when I'm trying to watch things with a high male:female character ratio. Harmless and cute but annoying. (As to why there are two of them; there have to be, see? Seme and uke)
  • Lucie, Patron Muse of Comedy and Turtle-Related Violence- bombards me with comedy suggestions (it's thanks to her I have a fantasy character with Kevin as his middle name), and threatens both myself and my other muses with having a turtle shoved up our *ahem*, if we don't comply with her wishes.
  • Seymour, Patron Muse of Crossovers- doesn't say much. Supposedy writes crossovers, but breeds endless Plot Bunnies instead.
  • Audrey II, Not A Muse At All- it's a giant talking, singing, man-eating plant. It is in no way inspiring me. But it *does* eat Plot Bunnies, so I'm not complaining.

When I'm not being plagued by deranged albino pyromaniacs, pretty yaoi bishies or giant man-eating plants, I write long, complex fantasy stories, contemplate setting fire to things (ooooh... fire... pretty...), sing *really badly* in Japanese, laugh at nothing in particular, shout random German phrases ("ich bin ein Kugelschreiber!"), eat chocolate, drool over yaoi, and generally attempt to frighten innocent passers-by.

Well, you did ask.

And yes, I can be arrogant, snarky and sarcastic. I will mock things that I dislike, with a passion. Deal with it, people.

This says it all:
Web Test Taker Analysis
Catiana is a deranged pain in the ass with way too much free time

You drive people crazy with your incessant web testing and result sharing. It's people like you that give the web a bad reputation.
Take the test yourself, or not.

I'm going to Hell because I write slash fanfiction!
You write awful slash fanfiction and bring shame
upon your family. (Or you read it and
have thought about writing your own, and that's
bad enough.)

The shadow of your evil
will remain on this earth for as long as the
Web lasts.

You should be hanged in front
of angry villagers on Christmas Day, you sick

Why Will You Go To Hell?
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You're a Slash writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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