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Egads, I live!

Argh. My computer is an archaic piece of crap without a decent internet connection, and my job means I'm too tired to ever go online.

Plus I don't have much of any interest to say, anyway. My time's divided approximately between Alex and my job at a theme-park, and with the exception of this week, I haven't been doing anything that exciting.

Well, this week's not exactly exciting. Alex and I have to look after a psychotic puppy and a smelly old dog (neither of which belong to me), which is... hard work, to say the least.

And I've been a lazy bum, so the comic's barely been updated at all since I went on holiday, which was over a month ago.

So... yeah. I'm alive. Maybe I'll start updating again.

I was thinking of getting a new LJ, though- this one's been going for a while...
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