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Fangirlism... oh dear...

It is 2:45 AM. Following a marathon Fullmetal-Alchemist-watching session, I have spent the last 20 minutes drawing Kimbley's transmutation circle tattoos onto my hands.

Fear my fangirliness. XD

Image hosted by

Image hosted by   Image hosted by
Left and right hands

Image hosted by
KABOOM! (I'm proud of this one. It's amazing what you can do with a pretty crappy camera and strategic lighting. XD )

I know the circles look like they're on the opposite hands on the two bigger pictures- my camera flips pictures when you have the lens aimed at yourself. And I'm too lazy to flip them back...
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I am so badly going to laugh when I see you next.
Also, comic still dead. Keenspace dont know what the fuck.
Laugh all you like. I've drunk a whole bottle of that horrid vodka kick stuff and I couldn't care less. XD

Besides, just remember that I have both a photo of you with your underpants on your head and the Retarded Dancing video, so you'd better be careful...

And what do you suggest doing about the comic? Anything?
Harassing keenspace, there is more than oe angry person. or finding a net cafe with FTP.
Why did you drink it if it is horrid, baka?
I'm out of orange juice, I cry now.
Why do I drink it? Because it contains both alcohol and caffeine.

I'm not good at harrassing, but if all else fails I can get one of my family to upload the comic for us...

And I have no orange juice to offer- sorry.
And holy crap- new icon. What happened to Animated Ric?
~Hands over crown and septor~ You win at teh fangirlishness! ~bows over and over~


Hooray! XD
..omfg Kah, that's awesome. XDDDDD *love*

Why, thank you. ^_^



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